Ellis Island Immigrationsstation utanför New York (Manhattan)
Immigrants entering Ellis Island Ellis Island Radio City Hall

Ellis island - the Swedes foretaste of America!

Most of us Swedes probably have a relative that have emigrated. Most part of Swedish emigrants went to the US. The statistics tells us that during year 1892-1924 approx 20 million emigrants from the whole world arrived to the US and nearly 71% (14.2 million) arrived in New York. Over 1 million were emigrants from Sweden.
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Allt för Sverige - säsong 10 2022 The TV program "Who do you think you are" has been a success both in the U.S., England and Sweden. In autumn 2011 we saw 10 Americans for the first time in the tv-show "All for Sweden" come to Sweden to undergo various competitions for the first prize, to win a meeting with their Swedish relatives. A program filled with much emotions.

Allt för Sverige - 2022
At last we can look forward to the program next year 2022.. Year 2022 Now it's time for the 10th season of "Allt för Sverige" or as it is called in the U.S. "The Great Swedish Adventure". Every year 9-10 new Americans come to Sweden to compete. In common is that their ancestors long ago emigrated to America. All are here to meet their Swedish relatives and learn more about Swedish customs.

More information about the program on SVT »
The Winner 2019 is Jennifer Buhrow from Chicago.
Casting for "Great Swedish Adventure" 2022!
At last we can see the program in year 2022.
Do you know any American who has never been in Sweden and has Swedish roots and wants to come to Sweden to compete to meet his Swedish relatives?
Ask this person to apply for the extremely popular TV program "Great Swedish Adventure" season 10. The links below provide more information about the program and link to the application: Note! All persons are already decided for the program year 2022.

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Ellis Island - Ferry TerminalThe Ellis Island - Buildings
The organization Save Ellis Island is working for to protect all the abandoned buildings on Ellis Island. Since 1954 several buildings are standing abandoned and are in great need of restoration. They need to be restored to be able to stand here for the next generation. Year, 2007, the Ferry Terminal was reopened after 50 years. The Ferry Building served as the departure point for immigrants who had passed all the legal inspections and health tests and was leaving Ellis Island to go by boat to New Jersey or Manhattan. Here the immigrants waited with patience to get off Ellis Island and to start their new life in America.

The restoration started in 2000 and on April 2, 2007 there was a grand opening. The organisation is in need of a lot of money to be able to restore all the buildings that have so much history to tell to people almost all over the world. Even you can help - a small donation means a lot.

Read more about the Ellis Island Ferry Terminal at the Save Ellis Island website
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Korridorerna på Ellis IslandEllis Island - Corridors

There are many different corridors on Ellis Island. The corridor that was most difficult for the immigrants was "The Ferry Building corridor" either it was the road to freedom and the beginning into New York or it was on to the hospital buildings. It was a wide corridor where several immigrants could pass together. Along the sides, the staff on Ellis Island stood to see if they had missed someone who was too sick to continue their journey into America

Read more about the corridors here »
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Frihetsgudinnan / Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty - the first sight!

The first thing the emigrants saw when they arrived to New York harbour after the year 1886 was the grand Statue of Liberty.

A Polish emigrant said:
"Mrs. Libertys grand overwhelmed us.
No one said a word because she was a goddess and we knew that she represented the big powerful country that should be our future home."
Source: The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation

For some the Statue of Libarty and Ellis Island was the only thing they saw of the US. Some had to go back to were they came from... but for the most people this was the beginning of a new life.
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Ellis Island Hospital - Quarantine IslandsWhen an immigrant ship entered New York harbour the passengers were checked for diseases.

New York had several Quarantine Islands. When the ship arrived - any yellow fever or cholera patients on an incoming vessels, a signal is set, and one of the steamers belonging to the New York quarantine service comes and brings the sufferers to the appropriate Island.

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