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Here we will present a list of activities in Sweden and the US
You can write to us to inform what is happening near you. Contact us by e-mail:

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Umeå SWEDEN / Aug 20-21, 2016
Genealogy Days 2016

Yearly Genealogy fair in Sweden.

More information:

Genealogy Days Umeå 2016

Arkivens Dag 2012 SWEDEN / November 12
The Archive´s Day 2016
The whole country opens up their archives on the second Saturday in November.

More information:

Arkivens Dag
2006 we visited Arkivens Dag in Goteborg - read our story here »

Stockholms Stadsmuseum Stockholm, SWEDEN - City Museum
Stockholm in time
The first time Stockholm is mentioned in writing is 1252 and this is where the story begins. Every 50 years has been identified. Was Birger Jarl Stockholm´s first inhabitant? What has happened here .... exciting.
More information: www.stadsmuseum.stockholm.se

Göteborgs Stadsmuseum Goteborg, SWEDEN - City Museum
Interested in the Goteborg history?
At the Gothenburg City Museum you will find a lot of interesting history. Has there been any Vikings here? East India Company, what is that?
More information: www.stadsmuseum.goteborg.se

Besök Emigranternas Hus i Göteborg Göteborg, SWEDEN - Emigranternas Hus
Go down to the old Customs House in Gothenburg and visit Emigranternas Hus. Here you will find exhibitions, information about the Swedish emigration and you can also do genealogy research.
Mer information: www.emigranternashus.se

Swedish American Museum Center i Chicago USA Chicago - Swedish American Museum Center
(ongoing exhibitions)

1976 the Swedish-American Kurt Mathiasson opened the museum to preserve the Swedish history and Chicago as a Swede Town during the 1800´s and 1900´. In the year 1900 more Swedes lived here than in Goteborg (Sweden) and Chicago was Swedens "second largest city" after Stockholm - counting Swedish persons.
More information: www.swedishamericanmuseum.org

Utvandrarnas Hus Växjö, SWEDEN - The House of Emigrants
Emigrant exhibition

Don´t miss a visit at the House of Emigrants if you are in the area Smaland (Sweden). They have a most interesting exhibition of the Swedish emigration. It tells about how it was to leave Sweden, the journey across the Atlantic, and life in America. Listen to recordings of "Old-Swedes" telling their story.
More information: www.utvandrarnashus.se
2006 we visited The House of Emigrants in Vaxjo - read our story here »

Bishop Hills Museum SWEDEN: Öresundsbro - Bishop Hill Museum /
Open daily during Summertime

Visit the museum in Biskopskulla. The area know after the 1.200 persons who emigrated together with the preacher Erik Janson and founded the colony Bishop Hill in the USA 1846. With cassette-tape you can go on a self-guided tour.
More information: www.bishophill.se

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