Ellis Island - Dec 8 2006
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Ellis Island New YorkReturn to Ellis Island

New York - Dec 8, 2006

What has happend since our last visit...?
One glad news is that more buildings will be opened for the public this spring (2007).

At last we headed for New York again and this time we went during Christmas time, December. It was really exiting with all the Christmas decorations etc. The only thing we didn´t have was the snow.

Of course we had to visit Ellis Island again and see what has happened since we were here the last time (Summer 2005)

Statue of LibertyDeparture from Battery Park

We took the boat from Battery Park and made a stop at Statue of Liberty. We hadn´t visit her for a while... here she stands green and nice looking at the Manhattan skyline.

It was the coldest day on our week here in NY. The wind was like ice and it was really cold... but... the fantastic blue sky made our pictures really good.

Arrival to Ellis Island

This time we started with watching a movie in one of their movie theatre. The movie was 1½ hour and of course for free. It told the tale about the immigrants and their departure from home to the promised land, USA. Before the film started a guide told us about the history of the Island and we could also ask questions if we wanted.

Today you are only able to visit the main building, this is the only building that is restored. The Island consists of approx. 30 buildings, most houses were used for medical care and are not restored today.

Ellis IslandNew York state or New Jersey state?

To which state do the Island belong?
New York or New Jersey.

The Island and the main building belongs to both states. You can say that the main building (todays Museum) belongs to New York state and the rest of the buildings and the Island belongs to New Jersey state.
Surely it would be great if also the other buildings on the Island could be a museum.

The picture beside shows one of the buildings that are not restored.

Photoexhibition of different buildings/rooms that are not restored to the public yet.

On the third floor we spontanously went in to one of the rooms. There they had an exhibition with photographies of different unrestored areas at Ellis Island.

Helen at the photo exhibit at Ellis IslandThe photographies are taken by Christopher Barnes.  The exhibition is from Nov 18, 2006 - Feb 28, 2007.

Here we also got information about the plans to restore more buildings.

There is an organisation called "Save Ellis Island". This project has as their first priority to restore the buildings on the south side of the Island.

Which buildings will probably be restored during Spring, 2007?

The organisation "Save Ellis Island" has started to restore the terminal were the ferry stopped. (The organisation started the same year, 2001).

This building and two more buildings, the Waiting room and the Laundry room, will probably be done and opened for the public this Spring, 2007. Here will also be an exhibition with the name “Future in the Balance: Immigration, Public Health and the Ellis Island Hospitals.” 

Next step after this is to restore the corridor leading from the Ferry Building to the Laundry and Hospital Outbuilding on the south side of the Island.

In the end of year 2007 they also hope to be done with the restoration of the Laundry and Hospital Outbuilding.

Save Ellis IslandGive a contribution and support the restoration of the old buildings at Ellis Island.

If you want to participate and contribute to the restoration of Ellis Island. Give a donation. (The smallest amount is 35 USD)

If you contribute you will get a small fabric bag and you will be mentioned by name.

If you do not want to contribute with money you can always order their newsletter with information about how they are proceeding!

Annika at the photo exhibit at Ellis Island - dec 2006 Ellis Island Ellis Island

More buildings will probably be opened to the public in the future. Contribute and think of preserving our immigrants history.

See you soon

Helen & Annika




Sourche: Save Ellis Island - www.saveellisisland.org
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