A lot of visitors at the Genealogical convention in Stockholm
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Genealogical convention in Stockholm

Genealogical convention in StockholmAug 12-13, 2006

In Stockholm at Nacka Strand, just south of the city of Stockholm this years Genealogical convention were held. The weather this Saturday, Aug 12 was really nice when we steered our selves to the exhibition. We thought that it was really time to visit our capital and why not when it is a genealogy exhibition in town.

We combined this with a couple of days visit in Stockholm were we havenīt sat our foot in a long time...in any case for one of us. During school time in the 80īs I think was the last time I was here... it's unbelievable, only five hours drive from Gothenburg and you are never here.

It had been easier if we have had relatives to visit... we actually have that but our cousin was on holiday this week. Typical! Then we of course have a reason to travel here again in the future!

It is crazy, we live in a community were we have trains, airplanes, buses and cars and yet we do not visit other cities so often as we should. We thought of our friend who lives in Alice Springs in Australia who travels several miles just to go to a party. There you can talk about distance to each others.

A lot of people and warm

Back to the event that we are here for.

Genealogical convention in StockholmWe payed 40 SEK (approx 6 US $) per person and went in. There we met a big gathering of people who stood small talking and held a cup of coffee in their hands. We had entered directly in to the café before we even had entered the exhibition. We had to decide quickly if we wanted to have coffee before we started our tour or not. Even if we are coffee girls, we decided to wait.

We left the good coffee scent behind us and went into the big hall. There were different people from different associations, companies, publishing and organizations etc. People have travelled here to meet each other, discuss, get inspiration and get some tip, maybe buy themselves a new book and see which new Cdīs that have arrived. New for this year is that you can make research on computers at a special place and if you "get stuck" you can go to the "genealogy emergency" ang get some help. This was a fun new thing ! (even thought we didnīt get room at the computers....)

DNA our future genealogy research?

A lot of lecturings/presentations were offered and there were approx 50 e.a. Not only people from Sweden, there were also visits from the US, Germany and from other nordic countries. We were at a very interesting lecturing about DNA ! We feel that this is the future within genealogy, but it will take a loooong time before it will get its impact.

One lecturer from the US who was a paleontologist (researcher in Dinosauries) now worked with DNA research within genealogy. It was really interesting to listen to. He represent a Foundation, called Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) in the US. They wish to link together all people in the world and then increase the knowledge about how similar we all are and also show how closely related we really are. This may mean that we will come closer to each other and this may also result in no more wars in the world. Because, who wants to wage war with his relative!

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation - smgf.orgDNA-research starts in Norway!

It all started with a person from Norway who lived in the US who wanted to know about his Norwegian heritage. He lived in the US and of course had difficulties to perform genealogy from the US. He then got the idea to perform a DNA test by himself and then it´s just for all people in Norway also to perform a test! After that all started to roll. Today there are approx 60.000 e.a in the database and of course more people need to be registered! This has also become a big interest in the US for those who have their roots in Europe.

This is how it works: If you want to participate you shall perform a DNA test (this you can order and get for free at their webpage: www.smgf.org) After that you shall enter your information and also include your research for three generations back. A test for DNA is only made on people who are alive today and other information are in pure text. If more and more people is entering their DNA and their information about their genealogy, gradually it will be a big database were you can search for relativies in the whole world.

How this works we donīt exactly know yet, but of course we will try this and come back and inform you when we are done with our DNA tests!

Picture: Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation


Back to the exhibition hall, which people were at this exhibition then? Among others you could find:

Stand - The House of Genealogy in Leksand- DIS
- The Genealogy Association in Blekinge
- Jewish Genealogy Association in Sweden
- Malmö City Archive
- My family.Com Inc
- Uppsala Provincial Archive
- The House of Genealogy
- Stockholm City Archive
- Riddarhuset (The House of Nobility)
- Genline

and more

Picture: The House of Genealogy at the Genealogical convention

A nice day

We can inform you that it was really hot in the buildning and several people went out to get some air and then return back in.

We took with us some visiting cards about our new webpage and gave them to visitors. We told them about our new webpage and what it contains and will contain in the future. We got very nice and positive responses from all the people we meet... Thank you very much!

Of course we also bought some things with us home! We bought the new CD: Emigrant Popular. Now we can find more emigrants!

Next year we´re off to Halmstad

Next year (2007) the Genealogical convention will take place in Halmstad. To Halmstad it is only approx 1― hour with the car (from Gothenburg).

Might see you then!

Continue your research and we hope you´ll find what you are looking for!

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